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How to Perform Partition Backup in Windows 10?

2015-08-11 14:18:52 Posted by Tracy King to Todo Backup Resource

Stop worrying about having no clue about how to perform partition backup in Windows 10. A professional backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup makes everything easy and simple for you to perform partition backup in Windows 10.

Why need backup partition in Windows 10?

When we talk about managing data in Windows 10 partition, in order to protect data security, some people always like to backup partition in Windows 10 thoroughly instead of copying files one by one into other storage devices. Then does there exist backup software or tool that can help backup whole partition easily?

Indeed, almost all Windows OS offer users backup option if users know how to command the operating order. This may be complex for those users who are not acquainted with computers. In this occasion, you need a professional partition backup and recovery software

How to find reliable and effective partition backup software in Windows 10?

Then how will you try to find such a tool? You may try to search one online. This may work but it’ll be time-consuming and energy-wasting. Why? 1. You need spend time in finding and selecting backup software online. 2. Then you still need wait to see whether the tool is secure and whether it works properly in backing up partition. 3. You need check whether the software you’ve found is compatible with Windows 10.

Here, we’d like to introduce you EaseUS Todo Backup, designed by EaseUS software. It’s 100% secure and risk-free for users to backup files, partition and even system. It even supports users to automatic backup files into USB drive. It’s fully compatible with almost all Windows OS, and offers 3 major backup modes for meeting different backup needs. Only 3 steps will make everything done:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and then choose backup mode "Disk/Partition Backup".

Image of EaseUS Todo Backup.

Step 2. Select the backup destination, or it will choose the most suitable location by default.

EaseUS Todo Backup guides to backup partition in Windows 10.

step3. Click "Proceed" to complete the whole process.

Follow this video and start to backup partition in Windows 10 Now!

Download EaseUS Todo Backup to start backup important partition data in Windows 10 now: