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Paragon Drive Copy Crack or EaseUS Todo Backup Free

2016-07-28 15:41:55 Posted by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional download with crack or EaseUS Todo Backup Free, a free disk/partition copy and cloning software? EaseUS Todo Backup offers free access to migrate OS to SSD, copy and restore drive to new computer and create hard drive backup image.

Is Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional Crack Reliable?

Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional makes your system and data migration easy. It's an essential but paid-for tool for computer users when upgrade hard drive, replace HDD by SSD, copy and restore a hard drive. In order to save some bucks, people start searching around for Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional download with crack, because they're told that nothing's different between a pirated copy and the official piece. Is that true?

Don't fool yourself. You're strongly recommended to purchase the copyrighted drive copy software or turn to a free alternative rather than taking full risks on a cracked software. You can visualize the potential danger of using Paragon Drive Copy crack. First, it can never work as your expectation; second, downloading warez to your computer would definitely bring virus and malware that slows down your PC, steals your privacy information and damages your files; what's more, a poorly cracked software takes huge hard drive storage so it deletes anything on your drive when it is running out of space.

Safe Alternative for Paragon Drive Copy Crack - EaseUS Todo Backup Free

If you're so unwilling to pay Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional, why not choose a free but even more powerful alternative solution? Don't you think EaseUS Todo Backup Free is worth a try? People who are familiar with EaseUS free backup software should know that it's a disk partition backup and cloning software, the features of which are nearly the same with Paragon's drive copy software. 

EaseUS Todo Backup the best free alternative to Paragon Drive Copy

However, to some point, it exceeds Paragon with some additional brilliant functions. For example, it supports sector by sector copy and clone in the drive copy feature, which allows users to clone hard drive with bad sectors without interruption. Also, other than copy or clone hard drive for disk upgrade, system transfer and data migration, you can use the software to do some daily backup job (like file backup and mail backup) to ensure data security.

Just feel free to download EaseUS Todo Backup, it'll satisfy your need in every way, which Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional crack can never match.