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Norton Bootable Recovery Tool or EaseUS Bootable Media Tool

2016-07-26 16:07:52 Posted by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

Will you choose Norton Bootable Recovery Tool or EaseUS Todo Backup to create bootable CD, DVD, USB or an ISO image file when had computer emergency?

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Or EaseUS Todo Backup?

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool and EaseUS Todo Backup are both rescuing tools that allow Windows users to create bootable rescue media on CD, DVD or USB drive, and both are available for free to everyone. It seems that either of the tools would be a nice try, which one will you choose in the end?

In fact, it's not so difficult to make a final choice. If you're a computer savvy knowing a lot of technical stuff, select one for your own preference. They're big brands, so nothing to worry about. But if you're an ordinary user and shows no patience in studying how the software would work, don't bother yourself to choose EaseUS Todo Backup, for its simplicity and ease of use.

What's more, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is about an ISO file image. Users should download Norton Bootable Recovery Tool ISO file on a computer that is not infected and create the bootable DVD or USB recovery media with the downloaded ISO file. In a word, Norton bootable recovery software is unitary in function, only works when your operating system can't boot. While EaseUS Windows server backup is different. It provides bootable disk function based on both Linux and WinPE to restore system in case of system disaster. Meanwhile, it enables Windows backup and restore with additional features of system backup, disk/partition backup and file backup.

How to Create Bootable CD/DVD, USB and ISO Image of EaseUS Todo Backup?

Apparently, EaseUS Todo Backup offers more comprehensive features, and creating bootable rescue media drive is simple and straightforward. You can use the bootable media creation tool as well as Windows backup software to restore your computer to a normal working mode when it has the problem in start. For a more detailed guide, please visit how to create bootable CD/DVD/USB and ISO image of EaseUS Todo Backup.