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How to Downgrade Dell Computer to Windows 7 from Windows 8

2016-01-13 14:51:18 Posted by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

You can only refer to this tutorial on Dell computer Windows 8 Professional Edition. It's summarized for you to downgrade Dell computer to Windows 7 from Windows 8, for which Microsoft has ended the technical support.

Microsoft has finally ended support for Windows 8 operating system, which means computers still running the OS will no longer receive security updates. Now people have three ways to uninstall Windows 8 before it's coming to an end, either upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1/10 or downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7. In this page, we mainly discuss over Dell computers, it seems a majority of Dell users prefer to downgrade Dell computer to Windows 7 from Windows 8

Dell Backup Before Downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7

To go back to Windows 7, people have to uninstall Windows 8 completely and then have a clean install of Windows 7. It's not easy, in fact. For a risk-free system uninstallation and reinstallation, doing a backup of important data on your Dell computer in advance shall be a priority.

1. Dell backup and recovery

Dell-branded laptops and desktops are designed with Dell Backup and Recovery program. At the Windows Start Screen, swipe in from the right side of the screen (if using a mouse, hover your cursor in either right corner of the screen) to open your Charms bar (Or press Windows Key + C). In the Search Charm, under Apps, type Backup and you can access to Dell Backup and Recovery.

2. Third-party backup and recovery

If your Dell computers do not come with Dell Backup and Recovery pre-installed, or you've uninstalled it, then a third-party backup and recovery software can be a favorable choice. For example, EaseUS Todo Backup Free, it's reliable, powerful and free backup software that allows you to backup a whole Windows 8 drive, partition, files, installed programs and more to USB flash drives, Network, cloud and somewhere else you may think of. You'll have a rough understanding of it by the given screenshot behind.

EaseUS Todo Backup main window

Steps to Downgrade Dell Computer from Windows 8 to Windows 7

Having all important information backed up on your Dell Windows 8 computer, now proceed to remove the Windows 8 partition, as Windows 7 cannot be installed on Windows 8 GPT partitions. AGAIN, do remember backup whose you value on the partition. To install Windows 7, do as the following steps.

1. Boot to your Windows 7 media using either DVD media or USB media.

2. After the Windows 7 Setup loads, confirm the Language, Time, Currency and Keyboard Method settings are correct then click Next.

3. Press the SHIFT + F10 key combination to open a command window.

4. Type DISKPART then press the Enterkey.

5. Type: List Disk then press the Enterkey.

6. Type "Select Disk #"then press the Enter key.

7. Once you have selected the disk, then type: clean then press the Enter key.

8. Type: List Partition then press the Enter key, and confirm that the partitions have been deleted.

9. Type: Exit then press the Enter key to exit diskpart.

10. On the Windows 7 Installation page, click Install Now.

11. Review the terms and click I accept the license terms to proceed.

12. On the Which type of installation do you want? window, click Normal.

13. Once you have personalized your Windows 7 system and completed the Windows 7 Setup, you will be at the Windows desktop.

14. If you are using Dell-branded Windows 7 Professional media, Windows 7 Professional will automatically activate on Dell computers that ship with a valid Windows operating system, and a Windows 7 Professional Certificate of Authenticity will not be provided. If you are using Microsoft retail media, you will need to activate your copy of Windows using the Windows Product Key that can be found on the Certificate of Authenticity that was shipped with the media.