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How to: Block/Stop Windows 10 'Recommended' Update on Windows 7?

2016-03-16 15:52:16 Posted by Tracy King to Todo Backup Resource

Being annoyed by Windows 7 update notice and cannot stand data loss trouble after system automatically update to Windows 10 without backups? If you don’t like Windows 10 ‘recommended’ update, here we can help you stop the recommendation and uninstall KB3035583 from Windows 7 so that you’ll never see Windows 10 update notice in Windows 7 again. All precious data and Windows 7will stay with your PC.

Why need to remove Windows 10 auto-update in Windows 7?

Why it's necessary to remove Windows 10 update in Windows 7? According the a latest survey, it’s claimed that quite a lot Windows 7 users are suffering from data loss troubles caused by Windows 10 update. Why is that?
It seems that most computers installed Windows 7 received auto-update order to update Windows 7 to Windows 10 directly without permission. When they rollback to Windows 7, they failed and have to perform clean installation of Windows 7. Due to this reason, all data get lost without backups. If users can remove Windows 10 update recommendation and uninstall KB3035583 from Windows 7, data loss or even system crash troubles will never happen again. Fortunately, all these troubles can all be solved by the solutions offered by EaseUS.

Step 1. Backup Windows 7 data and system

To prevent data loss trouble and system crash problem, it’s highly necessary to create backups for your personal data and system in Windows 7. When system updated to Windows 10 or problems happen to computer, you’ll still have the backups. Here we’d like to introduce you EaseUS Todo Backup to backup Windows 7 data and system. You can free download and use it to create backup images for free without payment in 30 days. Free download this software and let’s see how to backup data and system in Windows 7 now:

Backup data and system to prevent data loss trouble due to Windows 10 'recommended' update on Windows 7.

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and choose backup mode: "File Backup", "Partition/Disk Backup" or "System Backup".
2. Choose data or system that you want to backup and specify destination where you want to save backup images.
3. Click Proceed to execute the order.

Step 2. Remove KB3035583 update from Windows 7 or uninstall Windows 10 update from Windows 7

You have two options to stop Windows 10 update on Windows 7: remove KB3035583 from Windows 7 or uninstall/block Windows 10 update from Windows 8.

No.1 Remove KB3035583 from Windows 7

1. Tap Windows key, type Windows Update and hit Enter.
If the updates including KB3035583 are not listed on page, perform a manual check for updates.
2. Click on "x important updates are available" then.
3. Right-click on all Windows 10 related updates such as KB3035583 and select “hide update” from the list.

Then all Windows 10 updates including KB3035583 will all be removed from Windows 7.

Uninstall Windows 10 update from Windows 7

Tap Start > Control Panel > Programs > Go to Programs and Features > Click View installed updates > Click the updates such as KB3035583 that you want to uninstall > Click Uninstall.

After all these steps, then you can restart your PC and leave Windows 7 and all backups with you securely. No extra troubles will happen again.