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Network Backup: Backup the network shared files

2014-09-05 11:06:04 Posted by Hana Lee to Todo Backup Guide

How to backup the network shared files to the local disk, NAS, or DVD, USB? EaseUS Todo Backup can backup the local files to the network or make the copy of network files to the local.

Most people always make a copy of the files outsides of the computers to keep the data safe, for the software or hardware failures, user errors or other unexpected disasters can cause the loss of the data on disk. However, the data stored on network like your shared document still is at the risk of lose. So backup your network files to the local or backup the local data to the network is a smart and safe choice. EaseUS Todo Backup, the Windows backup/recovery software, not only backup the network files to the local, but also backup data to the network with full backup, incremental backup, differential backup.
What it could do about network backup:

  • Schedule a network backup job
  • Backup data to network or NAS
  • Restore backup from network or NAS
  • Restore backup to network or NAS

How to backup network shared files to the local?

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and create a file backup task.
Step 2. The left part of the pop-up window will list the folder directory, select the files or folders you want to backup from the network.

network backup

Step 3. Please type Plan name and Description for your file backup and select backup storage location.You can select one partition or the local server, USB/DVD to store your backup image, and click Backup options to set Compression, Priority, Splitting and so on.
Tips: If you set a password for the image file, you need to confirm this password when you check or restore the image.
Step 4. Set a schedule to backup files later, daily, weekly, monthly or upon event. During the setting the schedule, we have to enter Administrator account and password.

backup the network files

Step 5. Click Backup Cleanup, it will preserve image files,and set day(s), week(s), month(s), year(s) to preserve images or the number of last backup files you want to preserve. What's more, you can choose to preserve the first image. At last, click Proceed to finish the backup.

network backup