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Remove/Fix 'Read Only' Error on Hard Drive/USB/SD Card/Externa Hard drive

Posted by Tracy King to Storage Media Recovery 2017-03-21


Hard disk, USB drive, SD card or external hard drive suddenly become 'Read Only' in your PC? Can’t access to saved data on the write-protected storage device? Relax! This article will show you how to remove 'Read Only' error and release write protection from SD card, USB drive, hard disk or external hard drive within 2 simple steps by CMD and data recovery tool.

Hard disk/USB/SD card/external hard drive is 'Read Only', help!

Question 1: My second hard disk which was used as data disk is showing up as 'Read Only' now in my PC. Do you know how to fix this problem? Please help me if you do know the solution. Thanks.

Question 2: Hi there, do you know what to do when an SD card data cannot be used as the card displays as 'Read Only'? I’m now having this problem that my SD card can only be read. I cannot access the data and use them. How to fix this issue? 

Your SD card or USB drive is write protected and shows as 'Read Only' in your PC? Computer or laptop hard disk or external hard drive displays as ‘Read Only’ when you try to use saved files? If your storage device such as USB drive, SD card or external hard drive are write protected now with ‘Read Only’ mark, don’t worry. Here in this article, you’ll find an effective method to remove write protection and get rid of ‘Read Only’ error from your storage device within simple 2 steps. 

Step 1. Apply CMD command to remove 'Read Only' and write protection on hard disk/USB/SD card/external hard drive

It’s quite simple to remove and fix storage device 'Read Only' error by applying CMD command. 
The only thing that you shall keep in mind is to be very careful while following below CMD guide steps to remove 'Read Only' error from SD card, USB drive, hard disk or external hard drive. 

  • Connect 'Read Only' storage device such as SD card, USB, external hard drive etc with PC;
  • Open Command Prompt by typing: command in Search tab, click Command Prompt;
  • Type: diskpart and hit Enter;
  • Type: list disk and hit Enter;
  • Type: select disk 0 and hit Enter; (0 shall be the drive letter of your read only hard drive/USB/SD card etc.)
  • Type: attributes disk clear readonly and hit Enter;
  • Type: exit and hit Enter to finish the process.

After this, your storage device shall be accessible again and you can be able to read and use the saved data on your SD card, USB or external hard drive then. If you still cannot access saved data on your storage devices, or lost some saved files/documents, don’t worry. Here below in Step 2, you’ll know how to access to your saved data.

Step 2. Restore and access saved data from storage device after fixing 'Read Only' error

If you cannot access the saved data on your storage devices such as SD card, USB drive or external hard drive after removing the 'Read Only' error, don’t worry. Right here we’ll show you how to simply access and restore all saved data from your device with powerful data recovery tool from EaseUS.
EaseUS data recovery tool supports you to get data out of inaccessible storage devices, RAW disk and even find hidden files for you with simple clicks. Just free download and install it on your PC and follow below 3 steps to get data back now:

1. Connect storage devices such as USB/SD card or external hard drive with Windows PC;
Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select location of your 'Read Only', encrypted or inaccessible storage device, click Scan;

Recover data from Read Only devices.

2. EaseUS data recovery software will scan with Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes to find all present and lost data for you;

Scan to find all data in Read Only USB/SD card etc.

3. Preview and restore found data;
You can preview and select found data, click Recover to save found data into a safe spot in PC.

Save and restore find data from write protected and read only devices.

After this, you’ve successfully restored all data on your USB, SD card or external hard drive. But don’t rush to use your device saving data. 
In order to make sure your storage device is highly secure for protecting and saving data, you need to format the device and reset the file system into NTFS or FAT. Then you can reuse the device to store and save important data or backups again.

If you are having a similar 'Read Only' or write protection/encryption issue on your hard drive partition, memory SD card or other devices, just follow the above two methods to get your problem solved right here now.