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Undo format - Recover lost data from formatted NTFS/FAT drive

Have you ever met the dilemma that you have to undo format on ntfs/fat drive? Say, you perform D: drive format, however, during the format process or after format, you may suddenly realize that you forget to back up D: drive and all the data on that drive is lost. Besides, in other data format loss situations, the executed format operation cannot be withdrawn and the only solution for computer users is to retrieve the formatted drive. Data Recovery Wizard is just the professional data recovery software to undo format and recover all lost data from formatted ntfs/fat drive for Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008/Windows 7.

People do format sometimes when they want to rearrange the size of partitions or just delete useless data on partitions. Usually, these partitions are full of various files, people can hardly certify the files which are useful or not. After the format, all the files on the formatted ntfs/fat partition are lost. However, there are still chances for users to undo format to recover these formatted data from ntfs/fat drive if they have not backed it up before because the data is not really erased from the hard disk. If the formatted hard drive isn't immediately re-used or overwritten and is not physically damaged, then you can undo format to recover the formatted data.

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Luckily, people always use high-level formatting to format the drive or hard disk. As we know, high-level formatting will not physically damage and destroy the original files in partition, the procedure of format only rewrite the table of partition, that means the files are still at the original place after the format. This offers opportunities for you to undo format. High-level formatting includes two types: "quick format" and "full format". No matter which type of "high-level formatting" you use, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can undo format to recover almost all the lost files on your formatted hard drive with its powerful search function.

Undo format to recover formatted data

EaseUS aims to develop easy-to-use and user-friendly software. Data Recovery Wizard is such a kind of software. To restore formatted NTFS/FAT drive/partition, in-depth knowledge of computer is not needed. And you can firstly download the trial version to have a try before purchase.

There are three modules in Data Recovery Wizard as the picture shows below. "Deleted File Recovery" is for recovering deleted data; "Partition Recovery" is for recovering data from lost or damaged partition; and "Complete Recovery" is for restoring files after format, files after system crash, etc. To undo NTFS/FAT drive format, you should choose the "Complete Recovery" module. For more details of how-to-recover-formatted-files, please refer to How to recover files after format.

Unformat the formatted hard drive

This unformat software wins awards and enjoys good popularity among its users. "As our 'TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award' winning data recovery software, Data Recovery Wizard provides a unique mix of features, effective file recovery, and a usable interface." Ranked the third place by TopTenREVIEWS, Data Recovery Wizard is popular among its users. "It supports variety of file formats and drives, and with the ability to resume the last recovery result you have tried, Data Recovery Wizard is a great formatted data recovery solution."

If you need to undo format from ntfs/fat drive, you may try this unformat software to get all your formatted data back now.

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