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How to Recover Saved Over Excel Files and Word Documents

2016-08-18 09:45:17 Posted by Daisy to File Recovery

This article tells you how to recover saved over office files like Excel file, Word document or PPT file. Try it to retrieve your data when office files are overwritten or replaced by the same file name without backup with simple steps.

Troubles encountered by Microsoft Office users

Many Microsoft Office users encounter such a problem when they working with the app: they need to get back the Office file which has been saved over or over-written by another one with same file name. Let's see some real cases.

"I saved over an office file I was working on. Can I restore it?"

"I accidentally saved a blank file over the book I was writing with Microsoft Word 2003, and I saved the file on my external hard drive. Can I recover the saved over data?"

"I created a brochure and later in the day created a different file. I saved it as the previous file thinking it was something else. Any way to get back the original file?"

"This morning I accidentally hit "Save" instead of "Save As" when I was working an important Excel spreadsheet. Now all the data is saved over the previous one. How can I recover them?"

In fact, it is very hard to get saved-over office files back. You can refer to the advice below that found in some famous communities. Maybe their advice that can help you to get saved-over office files back.

But if you accidentally deleted or lost your office files, it is very easy for EaseUS data recovery software to get them back.

Detailed guide to recover lost office file

As a relible hard drive recovery software for Office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2013RT and 2016, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is designed to recover all lost files like office documents from any data loss situations. If you lost your paper work that really matters, you can try EaseUS data recovery software. Only three steps can recover all lost files.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Select "Document" and click "Next" button to start your Office file recovery job.

Choose Document to recover saved over office file

Step 2. Select the disk where you lost your data and click "Scan" button, the software will quickly scan the selected disk to find all your lost Office files. If you lost your partition, select "Lost Disk Drives" and "Scan" to continue the recovery process.

Scan the selected drive to recover saved over office file

Step 3. After scan, you can preview all the listed recoverable Office files one by one and select out those you want. Then, click "Recover" button to get them back once. Here you should save all the recovered files on another disk to avoid data overwriting.

Preview and recover saved over office file with EaseUS data recovery software