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Format rescue for files from formatted drive

No doubt that nobody wants to be trapped in the trouble of data loss, however, if you format a hard drive mistakenly and find some of your important files are lost such as emails, photos,etc. You will be in trouble. When you are trapped in the trouble of seeking a method to rescue format lost files from formatted hard drive, what you need eagerly is a data recovery specialist or data recovery software to rescue format lost files. If you want to use a quick, safe and easy method, data recovery software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is highly recommended. It could rescue format lost files from USB drive, memory card, memory stick, camera card, Zip drive, floppy disk or other storage media.

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Before format rescue

Actually we never format our hard drive without reason, when we want to set a partition free from chaos by clearing the useless files, we will perform format on the hard drive, usually we choose quick format, of course some people will choose complete format. Here we'd better learn some knowledge about quick format.

When we perform quick format, the dialog box reminds that it will erase all data on the disk. Actually it's just a display. The Operating System resets the FAT or MFT on the disk. The reason that you can no longer see the files under Windows is that the MFT tells the Operating System that the drive letter does not contain any files, but the files are still there. That's why we could perform format rescue to recover files from formatted hard drive, that is to say, we could rescue format with the assistance of Data Recovery Wizard.

Steps of format rescue

You'll learn how to perform format rescue as the following tutorial shows.

Step 1: Download and install the software first. Run Data Recovery Wizard, and choose "Complete Recovery".

Step 1 for Format Rescue

Step 2: Select the file types you want to recover. Choose the volume that was formatted and click "NEXT" to start searching this volume.

Step 2 for Format Rescue

Step 3: After this scanning is finished, Data Recovery Wizard will allow you choosing 4 volumes at best to recover the files.

Step 3 for Format Rescue

Quick, safe, and easy, you can perform format rescue just by five steps, which also rescue you from the trouble of data loss. Before choosing this data recovery software to perform format restore, you can free download a trial version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to scan the format lost files. Just try it to rescue format to recover files from formatted hard drive.

Download Windows Data Recovery Software Download Mac Data Recovery Software

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