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Tips: Optimize/Speed Up PC with Ease

2016-02-26 15:02:38 Posted by Tracy King to Partition Manager

If you are looking for methods to optimize/speed up PC, EaseUS software can help. Here in this article, we’ll offer you effective tips to optimize and speed up your computer with ease.

So now your computer is running slower and slower? Always get stuck and cannot work smoothly? Don’t worry. Effective methods to optimize your computer are available here now. In this article, you’ll find practical and efficient tips to optimize/speed up PC.

Why computer is running slower and slower, how to optimize it?

Do you have this feeling that your computer is running slower and slower and it always get stuck while the PCU is working with high frequency? Even though your computer is brand new, after one or two month later, its working efficiency goes down? Your old computer cannot even function normally with new apps?

But why is that? What are the reasons that cause low working speed and efficiency in computers? Here we’ll list you some major reasons that may cause low speed in  your computer:

1. Computer gets full with useless files;
2. Low disk space in system C drive;
3. Low disk space in computer hard drive;

The above three listed reasons can really slows down your computer and one more major reason is virus, malware or unknown spyware which will greatly affect the computer speed. So how to fix these problems and optimize computer’s performance?

Tips: Optimize/Speed up PC with ease

Here the following, EaseUS software will offer you effective and powerful tips to fix Windows computer low running speed problems.

Tip 1. Clean useless files frequently

With daily works, it is very easy to leave computer with countless useless files and data months later. And those useless files and data will take quite a lot computer space and slow down your computer and Windows running speed. 

Therefore, you are highly recommended to use some computer cleaning software or tool to frequently clean up your computer and system. And you can even deeply cleaning computer partitions if necessary.

Tip 2. Extend/Enlarge computer system drive partition

If your computer system partition is nearly full, then this can be the major reason why your computer runs so slow. And you can try to free up your system drive if you can identify system files and useless files. 

Normally it’s not recommended to move files from system partition in case of causing unexpected troubles to computer such as boot problem. And here we recommend you to extend or enlarge computer system drive partition. You can either choose to use disk management tool to extend your system partition or to use a professional partition tool to enlarge system C drive. EaseUS Partition Master can easily help you extend system drive partition with simple steps:

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master, drag unallocated space behind system partition and right click system partition C drive, choose "Resize/Move partition".

EaseUS Partition Master guides to extend system partition so to speed up PC.

2.Drag the right handle of system partition rightward and add more space to your system partition then.

EaseUS Partition Master helps to speed up PC by extending system disk.

3.Click Apply to finish all process.

Tip 3. Optimize computer with larger SSD/HDD

If your computer hard drive is almost full, then you can choose to optimize computer by replacing a larger SSD or HDD. But we recommend you to optimize PC with larger SSD. 

Why is that? SSD runs faster than HDD, and it is larger than HDD with better working efficiency. And it runs silenter than HDD, which is what exactly computer users need. EaseUS Partition Master as a professional partition manager software can help you out of system migration case with simple clicks. So now let’s see how to effortlessly to transfer/migrate OS to SSD and optimize PC:

1. Connect SSD with PC. Launch EaseUS Partition Master, right-click system disk and choose "Migrate OS to SSD/HDD".
Select the destination disk - the SSD or HDD.

Migrate OS to optimize PC.

2. Delete all partitions and edit partitions in destination disk.
You can also choose to Optimize SSD.

Speed up PC with OS migration to SSD.

3. After the partition information is displayed, click Finish.
Click Apply to keep all changes and let the program start migrating system and optimize your computer then.

When all the processes are finished, insert SSD into your PC and restart PC again. Then you’ll get an optimized PC with a faster running speed.