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Fix KB3176934 & KB3176936 Install Fails

2016-08-26 14:50:28 Posted by Jean to Partition Manager

5 of the surprisingly effective and simple fixes are provided to fix KB3176934 & KB3176936 fails to install issues. What's the symptom or how KB3176934 & KB3176936 instal fails on your PC? And select any one of the solutions to troubleshoot Windows 10 cumulative update errors.

Windows 10 KB3176934 & KB3176936 Install Errors

Windows 10 KB3176934 & KB3176936 for Anniversary Update were released on August 23, and later were reported issues of install fails, Powershell breaks and more. The update errors we've collected on tenforums.com and Microsoft Community are mainly about fails to complete the install, undoing changes, unable to restart PC, stuck on checking for updates, stuck at various percent point, keeps updating and failing...See the examples.

"KB3176934 fails to install"

A few minutes ago, Windows downloaded and installed some updates. All went fine, except for KB3176934 (one of updates named 1607). I tried various times. It downloads the update, install it, but after the restart it figures like "failed".

"KB3176934/36 stuck at Working on Updates"

Hello Community, I believe my Windows 10 is stuck installing those 2 updates (KB3176934 & KB3176936). It stays at Working on Updates 63% complete and stays there forever. I've tried: Hard rebooting (same effect); Using the Windows 10 Pro CD; Startup repair (no effect); System Restore (Message saying to reboot and select a Restore Point, but when I reboot it comes back to Working on updates). Help me!

Fix KB3176934 & KB3176936 Fail to Install (KB3176934 & KB3176936 Update Errors)

Usually, every time Windows 10 rolls out a cumulative update or a patch and something happened mid the installation, firstly, users should run Windows 10 Troubleshooting program to have an automatic check for the exact symptom.

Type Troubleshooting in the search box and click in Troubleshooting window. Under the "System and Security" option, click "Fix problems with Windows Update". Wait patiently for Windows completing the error checking and troubleshooting for your case.

Sometimes, Windows cumulative update problems are far complicated than we thought, so 4 more solutions with detailed steps are provided below if Windows Troubleshooting fails its duty in solving KB3176936 & KB3176934 breaks Powershell and fails to install problems.

STEP 1. Check disk errors & file system errors in Windows 10

Since bad sectors, improper shutdowns, malware, antivirus program, file corruption and many unexpected factors may cause Windows 10 hard disk errors, which stop Windows update from installing KB3176934 & KB3176936 properly and completely. It's highly recommended use EaseUS partition magic software to identify and fix hard disk errors and file system errors.

1) Right-click a disk and a partition -> Check partition. In the Check Partition Box, you got three options to choose:

check windows 10 disk errors to fix kb3176934 and kb3176936 fails to install

Check Partition Properties: for checking file system errors. 
Call Windows Chkdsk.exe to fix errors if there are errors: Call windows Scandisk application to fix these found errors. (Only for windows version)
Surface Test: Make detection of a disk or partition for sector errors. After the test completing, a report will be produced.

2) Click OK, the program starts running partition error checking.

STEP 2. Fix less free disk space error in system (C) drive

If your hard disk reports low disk space warning instead of unknown disk errors, it's time to add some free storage space to this disk where Windows KB3176934 or KB3176936 update is installed. Still, use EaseUS Partition Master and try to extend system drive which runs short of unused space for KB3176934 & KB3176936 download and install.

1) If you C drive only has little unused space and need to get extra space. First,  you can use the "Resize/move partition" feature to shrink the drive behind C.

extend system drive to fix kb3176934 and kb3176936 fails to install

2) After getting the unallocated disk space behind C, then use "Resize/move partition" feature again and extend C drive. Now the low disk space problem can be easily solved.

add extra free space to system drive to fix kb3176934 and kb3176936 fails to install

STEP 3. Delete corrupted update files and download KB3176934 & KB3176936 again

When the above methods failed to fix KB3176934 & KB3176936 fails to install problem, you should retry the download. First, go to  C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and delete everything within the folder, but do not delete the folder itself. After clearing all the update files that you downloaded for the first time, Windows Update will try to download KB3176934/36 afresh.

STEP 4. Download 14393.82 ISO image with KB3176934 & KB3176936

Instead of downloading KB3176934 or KB3176936 via Windows Update automatically, try to get either of them by clicking the direct download links behind.

Windows 10 1607 14393.82 (KB3176934)(32-bit): windows10.0-kb3176934-x86.msu

Windows 10 1607 14393.82 (KB3176934) (64-bit): windows10.0-kb3176934-x64.msu

Servicing stack update (KB3176936)(32-bit): windows10.0-kb3176936-x86.msu

Servicing stack update (KB3176936)(64-bit): windows10.0-kb3176936-x64.msu