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How to Recover Deleted Messages from Apple Mail

Posted by Abby Haines to Mac File Recovery 2016-12-01


3 Mac email recovery solutions are offered here to help you retrieve deleted including permanently deleted email messages on Mac in all data loss situations.

Apple Mail offers Mac users an easy way to keep in touch with others. But sometimes, those emails with important messages might be get deleted or lost by mistake. When the disaster happens, please don’t worry! The deleted email messages are recoverable even they were permanently deleted as long as you find a reliable Mac email recovery solution. Fortunately, there are 3 possible ways. Next, you can read on to learn and try one of the methods to retrieve deleted email messages on Mac in different data loss situations. 

Method 1. Recover deleted Apple Mail messages from Trash

Many Mail applications are equipped with a Trash folder where keeps all the wrongly deleted emails. It offers you the chances to recover deleted Mac Mail messages. 

1. Click Go > Applications, double click "Mail" to open your Mail application.  
2. Click the "Trash" icon, choose the email messages you wish to restore and drag the email to the "Inbox" tab.

Method 2. Recover deleted Mac Mail messages from Time Machine Backup

Method 1 will not helpful if you permanently deleted your emails from Mac Mailbox. But if you have used Time Machine, congratulations! You can easily find and recover permanently deleted Mac Mail messages from Time Machine Backup. 

1. Click Go > Applications, double click "Time Machine" to run Time Machine.
2. Choose a backup date from the timeline. Examine your mailboxes to make sure that the deleted messages are present, and then click on "Restore" to retrieve deleted Mac Mail messages from Time Machine Backup.

Method 3. Recover deleted email messages with Mac email recovery software

If you permanently deleted or lost your Mac mail messages without Time Machine backup, you should try a third-party Mac email recovery software for email recovery. EaseUS Mac data recovery software is recommended for its try-before-buy feature. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, select file types you want to recover and choose volume where your deleted or lost your Gmail messages. The program will automatically scan the selected volume to search for all the recoverable Gmail emails. The whole process will not last long.

Recover deleted email messages - choose file types and disk

Step 2. Preview all the listed Gmail emails one by one to choose those you want. And then click "Recover" button to get them back and save them into a safe space.

Preview and recover deleted email messages selectively