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2 Steps to Download and Move Instagram Photos to Mac/iPhone with iXpand

Posted by Tracy King to Mac File Recovery 2016-10-28


This tutorial article offers you simple way to apply SanDisk iXpand flash drive to download and move Instagram photos to Mac or iPhone within 2 steps. If you have an iXpand flash drive and need easy way to download your favored Instagram photos, just follow this article to get fancy photos downloaded without ease now.

Are you trying to looking for an easy way to download those fancy photos in your Instagram account on your iPhone? Don’t want to wast time saving each photos in Instagram one by one in your iPhone and then transfer to Mac as a backup? Relax! All problems will be all solved now. SanDisk iXpand flash drive will simply make it easy for you to download Instagram etc social media photos or files. 

If you don’t have one iXpand flash drive, you may search other solutions online to get Instagram photos downloaded and transfer to your Mac or iPhone then.
If you happen to have one iXpand flash drive, you may directly follow below 2 steps to fix this problem with ease now. 

Step 1. Download Instagram photos to iXpand flash drive

  • Connect iXpand Flash Drive to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and open iXpand Drive App > Accept it access to your iDevice;
  • Choose Backup and Restore > Select Back Up Social Media;
  • Choose the social media that you want to download photos - Instagram and tab LOGIN > Enter your username and password;

Download Instagram photo to iXpand.

  • iXpand Drive App will find all photos associate with your Instagram > tab BACKUP to download and backup all your Instagram photos.

Download Instagram photos with iXpand flash drive.

Step 2. Backup or move Instagram photos to Mac/iPhone

1. Backup Instagram photo to Mac

  • Plug iXpand flash drive into Mac USB port and connect it with Mac;
  • In AutoPlay window, click Open folder to view files;
  • Drag and drop photos between your Mac computer and iXpand flash drive.

2. Backup Instagram photos to iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • Connect iXpand flash drive to iPhone/iPad or iPod > Select COPY FILES;

Move downloaded Instagram photos to Mac or iPhone.

  • Choose to COPY PHOTOS FROM iXPAND DRIVE > Select the photos from iXpand;

Transfer downloaded Instagram photos to iPhone.

  • Then selected photos will be saved into your iPhone, iPad or iPod then.

Tip: Restore lost Instagram photos from iXpand flash drive/Mac

Sometimes, due to improper operation or careless deletion, formatting or unexpected virus attacking or system crashing error, it’s quite easy to get downloaded Instagram photos deleted or lost in iXpand flash drive or Mac computer. 

Fortunately, professional Mac hard drive recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac can help you simply get all lost Instagram photos restored from iXpand flash drive or Mac. Free download it and follow below simple steps to restore all Instagram photos lost in iXpand flash drive or Mac with ease now:

1. Connect iXpand flash drive with Mac. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac and select file types - "Photos". Click Next.

Restore lost Instagram photos on iXpand.

2. Choose volume where the lost Instagram photos were (in iXpand flash drive or Mac), click "Scan" to find them. 
Deep Scan will find more lost data or hidden files for you on Mac.

Restore lost Instagram photos on Mac.

3. Preview and choose found Instagram photos, click "Recover" to save in a safe spot on Mac. 

Recover Instagram photos on iXpand/Mac.

In order to make sure that iXpand flash drive can be used again, it’s recommended to format iXpand flash drive and redownload the iXpand Drive app so to make it reusable for transferring data between iOS device and PC/Mac or freeing up iOS device space again.