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Recover iPhone 3GS without losing data

iPhone 3GS Data Recovery Scene

Case study

Lisa is a big Apple fan. She started to use Apple products many years ago since the first generation iPhone was born such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. Now her iPhone mobile is changed to the newest iPhone 5, but she still has some data in the old iPhone 3GS, which she wants to export to save in her new mobile. Unfortunately, those data in that iPhone 3G has been deleted for a quite while, and her little brother used it once. Now she needs some tool to recover the deleted data first. So what should Lisa do?

We all know that iTunes only back up the last backup request, and Lisa`s brother used that iPhone, which means he might backed up his data of that iPhone 3GS onto iTunes once. So if Lisa data want to recover her deleted data in that mobile phone from iTunes, she might not get her original data back. Obviously, she has to use a professional data recovery software to help her.

How to recover iPhone 3GS without losing any data?

According to Lisa`s situation, EaseUS MobiSaver will be a great assistant to help her to fetch those data back. This software is very powerful and can completely recover your lost, deleted, damaged data from iPhone, iPad, iPod device. It is also compatible with Windows OS platform. If you have the same annoyance like Lisa, it will be a great tool to use. We also provide you a free trial experience, you can download the trial version on Mac and Windows OS below:

How to use EaseUS MobiSaver

Step 1: Download EaseUS MobiSaver Trial and install in your computer first, then connect you iPhone to PC. You the following interface, then click "Start" button to continue.

Show the Main interface of EaseUS MobiSaver Trial

Note: A you can see, EaseUS MobiSver still can retrieve data from iTunes ("Recover from iTunes Backup"), but like we said above, we should choose the "Recover from iOS device" mode to continue this time.

Step 2: The software will begin to scan your iPhone. You don`t need to do anything until the scan is over. Except you want to stop this recovery operation, you can click "Stop" to exit the program.

Show the scan process of EaseUS MobiSaver Trial

Step 3: After the scanning is over, you will see the following image which contains the type of deleted data on the left frame, and the original contents on the right frame.

Preview the recovery results of deleted data

Step 4: After you decide which to recover, click "Recover" to continue.

Choose the path to save the recovered data.

Now, the deleted data has been recovered, you can go to have a check.

By the way EaseUS MobiSaver has a very powerful performance on iPhone data recovery, it can recover contacts, videos, pictures, text messages, notes, reminders, etc whatever those data is deleted, damaged, formatted or just lost under unknown reason.

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