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How to unformat Windows 7 hard drive with free unformat software?

Is it possible to unformat Windows 7 hard drive?

Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System provides more advanced & large number of new features and covers with very strong security, but this makes it more difficult to unformat Windows 7. However, Windows 7 unformat will not bother you any more with a reliable format recovery software.

Format is a Microsoft DOS command. It's a command line you can run to remove information from a hard disk, floppy disk, etc. There are two kinds of format as bellows:

Low-level format involves the creation of the actual structures on the surface of the media that are used to hold the data.

High-level format is the process of creating the disk's logical structures such as the file allocation table and root directory. There are also two ways: quick format and full format. Their difference is that full format will use the chkdsk command to scan the bad sector and remove the table while quick format just removes the table.

What kind of format is recoverable? Low-level format will physically damage the disk and cut short the life of the disk, so data loss due to low-level format is unable to be recovered. Compared to recovering deleted files, Windows 7 Unformat is more difficult as Windows just changes one parameter when you delete a file, but it will clear more information when you format a partition.

It is possible to unformat under Windows7 if you tick the option "Quick format" because it does not erase the data on the hard drive, only the address tables. But if you do a full format or the formatted drive is overwritten, you will lose the chance to unformat Windows 7 hard disk drive to recover files from formatted hard drive or other storage media. So, stop using the formatted hard drive immediately and hurry up to try reliable Windows 7 unformat software to unformat hard drive.

How to unformat Windows 7 hard drive?

Windows 7 unformat freeware, like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is an advanced and feature rich unformat software and is widely used when Windows 7 hard drive partition has been formatted, deleted, corrupted or damaged.

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This Windows 7 unformat freeware can easily recover all files and data from formatted Windows 7 disk partition and support to unformat the Windows FAT/NTFS formatted partition. Furthermore, EXT 2/3 file system and dynamic disk are also supported with this free Windows 7 unformat software. With easy-to-use interface, you can recover all deleted or damaged partitions with this Windows 7 unformat freeware quickly.

"Complete Recovery" module built-in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition as the picture below is specially designed to unformat hard drive.

Unformat Windows 7
Unformat Windows 7 hard drive with Complete Recovery module

For detailed step-by-step instruction, please refer to How to Recover Formatted Windows 7 Partitions with Windows 7 Unformat Software?

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